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Woolworths, UK

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Since early 2009 the Woolworths brand has been owned by the Littlewoods Shop Direct group, and promises to make your online Woolworths shopping experience at least as good as it previously was. In anticipating the new online Woolworths store, you can probably guess that Shop Direct will provide many of the same products as the "original" Woolworths store did; however, you are also likely to find many more traditional Shop Direct type of products and services, such as quality furniture and fashion, together with the ability to pay on credit, by opening a Shop Direct credit account.

Woolworths, UK Woolworths is, of course, not the first acquisition made by Littlewoods Shop Direct, with Empire Stores being one of it's other recent purchases. Empire Stores has since achieved remarkable success under the ownership of Littlewoods Shop Direct, and so if history is a good judge, then the new Woolworths website is in excellent hands.

With a broad portfolio of top-performing catalogue brands, Shop Direct operates some of the most recognized names in catalogue retail including, of course, the many Littlewoods high-street stores. Here are just some of the other UK catalogue brands operated by the Shop Direct Group:

Additions Direct
Additions Direct
Choice Catalogue
Choice Catalogue
Empire Stores Catalogue
Empire Stores
Great Universal Catalogue
Great Universal

Littlewoods Home Shopping
Kays Catalogue
Kays Catalogue
Marshall Ward Catalogue
Empire Stores
Littlewoods Direct Catalogue
Littlewoods Direct

In fact, even some of these Littlewoods brands have undergone revisions over time. For instance, Additions Direct was previously owned by Argos, and was known as Argos Additions, while Great Universal (often known simply as GUS, an acronym of "Great Universal Stores") also now incorporates Great Universal Essentials, which was previously a separate brand. Meantime Choice for You is now better known simply as Choice, while Littlewoods Home Shopping is now better known simply as Littlewoods. However, one of the most name-changed brands is surely Littlewoods Direct, its previous names having included Littlewoods Extra and also Littlewoods LxDirect. We'd be remiss in not mentioning, too, that Kays Lifestyle is now known simply as Kays or Kays Catalogue. Nonetheless, some brand-names do stand the test of time, and the Marshall Ward brand has remained unchanged for many decades, indeed as the Woolworths brand remained intact for close to a hundred years.

Before Littlewoods Shop Direct bought the Woolworths brand ...

here's what we used to tell you about Woolworths ...

Woolworths, UK: Woolworths offers its customers value-for-money on an extended range of products, and is built around the well-known Woolworths brand which is represented in towns and cities throughout the UK. The Woolworths Group also operates the entertainment businesses E.UK and 2 Entertain. E.UK is Britain's largest wholesale distributor of home entertainment products whilst 2 Entertain is an audio-visual publishing group. Woolworths is one of the biggest high-street retailers in the UK, and the Woolworths UK website provides an equally massive selection of products for you to purchase online:
  • Great offers - Woolworths have regular offers across a great range of categories on the Woolworths website
  • Fantastic range - Woolworths have over 250,000 products online, from the latest music releases to outdoor furniture and toys
  • Easy delivery options - free delivery on all CDs, DVDs and Games and one delivery charge of just £4.95 for everything else
Woolworths The new home and garden ranges from Woolworths this summer offer designer styles at amazing prices. As well as popular favourites, there are also some surprising new additions to the ranges that will make updating your home fun and affordable.

Woolworths is also the first major retailer in the UK to solely back Blu-Ray, one of the new high definition DVD formats. Woolworths announced in early 2008 that it would only stock Blu-Ray high definition DVDs from, with HD-DVDs being dropped from stores to be sold online. The move came after Blu-Ray DVDs outsold HD-DVDs by ten-to-one in Woolies stores over the previous Christmas.

Since launching high definition DVDs in October 2007, Woolworths has become the biggest retailer of the new DVD format in the UK. Both Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs offer much better quality audio and video than DVD and the additional storage means that more time and extras can be packed into one disc.

However, besides entertainment and toys, for which Woolworths is well-known, the Woolworths website sells everything else that you'd expect, including most of what you'd find in any Woolworths store. Here's just a brief glance at some of the product categories on offer at Woolworths online store: CD & Downloads, DVD, Video, Games, Electricals & Mobiles, Books, Toys, Baby Shop & Clothing, Garden & Outdoor, Home & DIY, Gifts & Flowers and more.

If you've never shopped online at Woolworths before, then there's no better time than right now, with big savings on a range of products. The Woolworths Electricals range is especially compelling, with great deals on Mobile Phones, Batteries, Cameras & Camcorders, Computers, Household Electricals, Sat Nav & In-Car, Sound & Audio, Telecommunications and TV, DVD & Video.

Woolworths, UK

Woolworths Official UK Website: Woolworths Online Catalogue

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